I am mom to one handful little boy. I name him lilo in this blog because he is our “little love”.

I live and work in Singapore. My interests include eating, taking lilo out to play, crafting, and collecting travel (memorial) stamp!

As a parent I want to ensure that my kid is interested in learning and lead an active lifestyle . I’m a great believer in learning through play. We enrolled him in the Shichida program because I like the teaching method that engages him through music and hands-on play-like learning activities.

While looking for materials to help lilo practice Shichida at home, I find that most of them are flash cards template, but actually there are many more interesting activities that he did at the Shichida center to introduce him to certain concept or vocabulary. Because of this I decided to start this blog to share my Shichida material with other parents out there who wants to train their children the Shichida way.

I’m also working on material to entertain kids during travel so they can learn a thing or two about the country they visit.

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