This year is both bitter and sweet.

Bitter because we lost my father in law to Stage 4 Cancer. From his diagnosis around Chinese New Year to his passing in April, it was only around 3 months. He was the most generous man I know. Not only with his money but his time and his skills. During his wake, I spoke to some people who came because he once helped them solve some problems and he even gave them training free of charge. He is the greatest tinkerer I know. We weren’t afraid of electric things being broken because he would be able to fix them for sure. When we moved to our new house, he also helped us a lot. He was a nice man and lilo loved spending time with him. It’s been almost a year now and it seems that our memories of the man he was is fading slowly but surely so it prompts me to write this post, so I can look back and remember the kind of man he is. On the last day of 2018, we had a new year’s eve dinner, maybe it was the wine talking or it was a premonition of what was to come, but that day he told us about his difficult childhood, he wasn’t much of a talker usually, but his story is not unlike a local TV drama series plot line. He didn’t have it easy from start to finish, I hope he gets an easier life when he starts again somewhere…

It’s also sweet because we are expecting the birth of our second son, lilo2. From the way he has been kicking me, he seems to be an active boy. I hope he comes out healthy.  

We also had our family trip (minus my father in law) to Korea last year. We brought lilo to see his favorite Super Wings and Robocar Poli playground. We also dressed up in Korea’s traditional clothes and visited the excellent Seoul Children’s Museum, it was a place full off hands-on activity for kids. I think he could have spent the whole day here, but we only spent several hours as the grandparents were getting bored from waiting in the cafe. If we ever come back to Seoul this will be the first place in my list.

We also went to see the temple by the sea in Busan and enjoyed a feast after with plates of small dishes covering the entire table it was hard for us to eat properly.

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