It’s 1 month to go before we move in to the new house! Everything looks on track. They have laid down the new tiles for kitchen & bathroom and the vinyl flooring for the bedrooms & living area. Currently installing the carpentry items and the kitchen appliances. Next will be painting and clean up.

We are pretty pleased with how it turned out so far. We chose a light maple wood laminate, grey & white color as the main color palette.and we’re happy that they look great together.

My small kitchen is also now equipped with efficient storage system like hooks, slide out racks & pull out drawer and my huge anti-cockroach and super silent sink is installed.

In terms of design there’s really nothing ground-breaking as we want it to be low-maintenance. I guess the only thing that is a bit out of the box is the dresser in the master bedroom which is going  to utilize the space in the bay window.

But I guess we can also add some personality to our home through decorative items. I can’t wait to decorate our home!

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