Lilo has been following Shichida classes for almost 1.5 years now, he started when he was 14 months old and now he is now 2.5 years.

At 2.5 years, he can speak really well. He now speaks in complete sentences and he can express himself quite well.

  • He can count from 1 to 20 although I think he still doesn’t understand the concept of 0. The other day I heard him said “zeroteen” :).
  • He knows many colors including different shades of the same color e.g. cyan, sky blue, salmon pink etc.
  • He can recognize A to Z in uppercase, still need a bit of work for lowercase. He can spell and he associate those letter to a word, but he can’t read yet as he doesn’t understand how to read. The other day his grandfather gave him Toblerone chocolate, he spelled out the words on the packaging correctly “T O B L E R O N E” before proclaiming the word “Chocolate” confidently! 🙂
  • He understands the concept of opposites e.g. big & small, long & short and comparatives like big, bigger, biggest.
  • He speaks mostly in English, sometimes in Bahasa when speaking to our helper and occasionally in Chinese to lilodad.

The good thing is that so far he is enjoying his Shichida routine and when in class he is really excited in doing the activities.

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