We are getting our keys soon! :), but our renovation design is barely confirmed cos the designer is sooo slow at turning things around and we haven’t even signed a contractor to build it, so it’s looking like we can only move in at the end of the year.

Honestly, if I look at the current condition of our new house and the design concept we have in mind, it seems like whatever we have envisioned could be too far fetched. This is because in the concept we have, we always want a SPACIOUS place, but this new house is very very very SMALL, and I just realized when I went for the final inspection but the ceiling is also really really LOW :(. Not sure is it because they have a fake ceiling or is it just that the apartment has low ceiling or it’s just me having a buyer’s remorse. I’m hoping that when the renovation is done and everything is NEW again, it won’t look so bad.

Anyway below is the look I like for our house. I like geometric shapes and plants to decorate my home, I also NEED to have organization for all the things I own to keep the home tidy and uncluttered and I want to use every bit of space in the home by utilizing the wall. Will my home look at least a tiny bit like the pictures below? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Cool wall pattern.rubber leaf plants on apartment 34kitchen

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