We are moving house! After a two weeks search we finally found a second place to call home. Wait if you are wondering did I type it right, it really just takes TWO WEEKS for us to decide. I guess it’s because we have been trying to sell our current home for a while now and we kind of have an idea of where we will be looking for, so the search area is not very wide to begin with.

The first day, we were kind of just looking everywhere but they are either too small or too old or too far from the MRT or any combination of these 3 things. But on the second day we saw a place we liked. The block is within walkable distance to two MRT lines, it’s also walkable to a kindergarten I’ve considered putting lilo in before, it’s also not that old just turned 7 this year and the best thing is that it comes with a big balcony and a nice unblocked city view ^o^ So from that day it’s just a matter of looking for the right unit to buy at the right price.

After that first weekend of viewing we offered a very run down unit a price which they didn’t accept and they requested for 15K more. Lilo dad really liked the fact that the price per psf is actually still very cheap but I had reservation about that place cos the neighbor doesn’t seem to be the neat type and the walls adjacent to the unit we are considering to buy was kind of vandalized by their kids. So I thought I’d like to look around some more.

And on the following Thursday night I saw a new unit advertised, and we went to see it on Saturday and this is the one we are buying. It’s 40K more expensive than the run down one but the hallway is neat and the unit is well maintained and it’s on a slightly higher floor so we’ll have a better view. Yay! Hopefully all the formalities goes smoothly. Next step is to find an interior designer and decide on the design of the apartment.

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