Kantaro the sweeth tooth salary man is a Netflix show aired in 2017. It is a show based on a manga (さぼリーマン甘太朗) about a computer programmer who quit his job to be a book salesman in order to eat desserts in between his sales visits to bookshops throughout Tokyo. What I like about this show is that it recommends non touristy places to have good desserts in Tokyo and non touristy means less queue!

So here’s a list of the Tokyo dessert shops mentioned in the series so you (and I) can find them during the next visit to Tokyo.

Episode 1 – Anmitsu; it is a traditional Japanese desserts with kanten jelly, red beans, fruits & sugar syrup.

Hatsune in Ningyocho. I love Shiratama (the white balls mochi) so If I go, I will order the anmitsu with shiratama  and the white syrup (shiromitsu). Kantarou recommended to order the anmitsu with red bean paste tsubuan style (whole bean made into paste) as opposed to koshian (beans skin removed).

Episode 2 – Kakigoori; shaved ice topped with syrups and other condiments usually fruits

Kooriya Peace in Kichijoji. This is the one I want to try the most (っ˘ڡ˘ς). The reviews seem to agree that they serve great kakigoori and among all the shops in the series,  this one has the most number of reviews in English, as it was on Time Out Tokyo recommendation. Also, you should try to eat in as I’ve seen that reviews for their takeaways don’t seem to be good.

Episode 3 – Mamekan is basically anmitsu using red peas instead of red beans and is without fruits.

Irie in Monzen Nakacho, Umemura in Asakusa, and  Sagamiya in Akasaka. Out of these three it seems that Irie has the most reviews and probably the most well known.

Episode 4 – (fruit) Parfait & Dorayaki

Kajitsuen Liber Shinjuku Most of the reviews are in Japanese. They seem to agree that the fruits are delicious and compared to Senbikiya and Takano fruit parlor, this place offered better value. A lot of the negative rreviews are actually about the service. This shop is actually more like a chain, they have several shops across Tokyo. I tried the one in Kichijoji and I think in terms of fruit quality it’s just so so, but it does give quite a lot compared to Senbikiya.

Seijuken in Ningyocho. The review said that this is the best dorayaki in Tokyo. I’m not a fan but if I’m in the area I will try one. You can eat in or take away.

Episode 5 – Hotcakes are actually a version of pancakes, They’re slightly thicker.

Coffee Tengoku in Asakusa. People can smoke inside this small cafe, so if you’re bothered by cigarette smoke, this is not a good place for you and honestly I think out of all the shops in the series, this is the most over-rated one. Sorry miss owner (*_ _)人

Episode 6 – Matcha Bavarian Cream; I guess sort of like a green tea pudding with red bean and sweet cream served on the side.

Kinozen in Kagurazaka. It serves other traditional Japanese sweets but the Matcha Bavarois is the most famous here.

Episode 7 – Savarin & Pound cake

Cafe-Recherche in Yokohama. This one is a bit out of the way, but if you happen to be in Yokohama and you want to try what brioche doused in liquor flavored syrup served with custard filling and fresh cream taste like, you can stop by here. It makes a pretty instagram picture as well.

Pattisserie Gondola in Kudanue, now in the care of the second generation owner, this cake shop is well known for it’s moist pound cake.

Episode 8 – Ohagi; Japanese sweets made out of sweet sticky rice.

Takeno to Ohagi in Sakura Shin-machi. I don’t like the texture of Ohagi as it’s usually just sticky (rice) over sticky (red bean paste), but the ones they have at Takeno to Ohagi is sort of a modern take, it’s still made of sticky rice but with of various interesting flavors like coconut, apricot, vanilla, etc.

Episode 9 – Eclair

Rue de passy in Meguro. The reviews don’t mention eclairs specifically so I’m not really sure about this one.

Episode 10 – Caramel Pudding

Esse Due in Akasaka. Only one review specifically mentioned the caramel pudding so I’m not really sure about this one either, but everyone seems to agree that the Pizza is great though..

Episode 11 – Chocolate & Mame Daifuku

Minimal in Tomigaya . A different take on chocolate & chocolate based desserts, focusing on high quality chocolate beans. It makes me wonder what is the real taste of high quality chocolate beans like?

Tsuruse in Yushima. The shop is in the 1st floor of a building called Core Yushima. I love daifuku, but mame & daifuku, hmmmm.. I think I will pass. You can eat in or take away.

Episode 12 – Mont Blanc

Waguriya in Yanaka. This is my favorite dessert ever!!! I tried the Mont Blanc with Shiratama (what can I say I really love my Shiratamas) and it was really good 🙂

And those are all the shops featured in Season 1. I hope you can use this guide to find and taste all the desserts. If you do, please drop me a comment and let me know how they taste 🙂

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