Lilo has been following Shichida classes for almost 8 months. He is now 21 months and he can recognize most animals and their sounds, count from one to ten in both English and chinese and recognize many kinds of vehicles, colors and shapes. He also speaks mostly two words sentences now, occasionally 4 when he wants me to pat him to sleep (he will say mama sit lilo bed) hehe cute right.

Except for the colors, I can’t be 100% sure that he learned all that at Shichida cos there are just so many inputs like school, the songs he watched on YouTube and the books we read to him but I guess INPUT is the important factor here, we need to ensure that he has a lot of input so that he can grow his knowledge.

He picks up new vocabularies every day. In Shichida he enjoys the play like activities like cutting plastic fruit in half, counting pegs and hanging them on a line.

He can never focus on linking memory cards session though. Maybe I need to train him more on that aspect like with two cards first and then progressing to five.

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