The restaurant is located in a small space near Outram where it can fit about 20 people at one sitting. Most of these are counter sitting, facing an open kitchen where we can see the food being grilled. We sat directly across the chef, and we can see him arranging the food on the plates, checking the taste of the sauce etc. He even served us the food directly. I like it that they put the veggies & bread on top of the counter table, it works as decoration and it gives out a homely vibe as well.

We went there for our wedding anniversary and we left lilo at my in-law’s, which is fortunate because we spent about 50 minutes waiting for our main course and that boy cannot even sit still for 5 minutes. For us the waiting was bearable cos we were not that hungry when we came in.

We ordered some appetizer; smoked quail egg warm oyster, Grissini and Taramasalata (thin toasted bread with sour cream spread and.herbs) , and the sourdough bread. Most of the appetizer was quite forgettable but the thin bread was really good!! I’ve never had anything like that before.

For the main course we ordered cube roll and Onglet & bone marrow. The cube roll just melts in our mouth; it’s good even when it’s only seasoned with salt. The onglet meat has a more chewy texture but the sauce is so yummy! and the bone marrow taste so rich as it absorbs the flavor from the sauce.

This is the meat before it was grilled.

And this is after

We didn’t get dessert there as we had plans to taste the strawberry watermelon cake from black star pastry who came to Singapore for the RWS food festival.

All in all it’s a great restaurant. I would definitely eat there again (without lilo of course) the only complaint I have is that it’s a pity the bread isn’t free, if they made us wait that long they should at least give us some freebies don’t you think 🙂

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