I managed to arrange for myself two weeks of holiday before I start a new job.   I originally planned to do a lot of things within the two weeks that involves mostly eating good food, making lots of educational material, blogging, and de-cluttering…but alas two weeks happened so fast that I only manage to cross a few things off my to do list.

To be honest I mostly just eat and eat and eat (I really need to diet) and I only eat out for lunch because I pick up llilo from the childcare around 4 pm and then go home to cook dinner for me and lilo dad.

I really really wanted to eat at the two michelin star restaurant Andre for lunch but I couldn’t get a reservation so I guess I have to try it next time when I move job again cos they only open for lunch on Wednesday and Friday.

So this is a short recap of what I did during the two weeks:

1st Monday – I visited Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, it was a house that used to be the South East Asia headquarter for the chinese nationalist movement. I got my first Singapore rubber stamp here! 🙂 They also had an interesting temporary exhibition about what chinese babies wore during Qing era. After that I went for lunch at Tomi Sushi in Novena. They had great tuna here and when I came they were having 50% off promotion for tuna sushi. I tried the ootoro (very fatty tuna) and the chutoro (fatty tuna). They melted in my mouth and comparable to the one I had in Tokyo at Midori, just that here it is super expensive. Without the discount the ootoro will cost $26 for two nigiri sushi. Crazy right. In Tokyo I can get it for around 1000 jpy. So that’s double the price in Japan.

1st Tuesday – I was craving for a spicy korean tofu stew, so I googled where is the best place in Singapore to eat soondoobu, and found this place in Tanjong Pagar that specialises in tofu soup. The soup was really yummy but I wished that they serve more soup in the bowl. You can choose your spicy level here from less spicy, original, very spicy to really really spicy. I chose very spicy but I think what they did is just put on more chopped chillies into the soup. I almost choked eating some of the chillies cos they really put lots in. So my advise is just request the original flavour and then just ask for chopped chillies on the side. You can choose what meat goes with your tofu soup. I chose assorted seafood that comes with squid, prawn, clam, and crab. I really hated the prawn it was overcooked. The squid was really good and not tough, the crab was really great as well. I’m drooling just typing this. They were packed with lunch crowd, so I guess it’s better to eat for dinner next time.

1st Wednesday – I went out to buy materials to make my flash card and other educational material. I went to eat my most favourite fish soup at Xin Yuan Ji and then I walked to Bras Basah Complex to check out Art friend and Popular there.

1st Thursday – I took lilo to play at the petit park in Changi City Point. This is one of the few playground that is aimed at a younger age group. They had a big ball pool with slides,

1st Friday – I ate at the newly opened Fuji Soba in Tanjong Pagar. This store is a branch from Japan and I was craving for cold noodles so I went to check out this place. I had the chilled soba with assorted tempura. The soba was great as expected but I wasn’t expecting the tempura to be really good. After that I had my dessert from Matchaya at icon village, I had a really yummy green tea macaron and I really wanted to try the soft serve but I was too full from the soba.

1st Weekend – We brought lilo to the national gallery to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition. He loves the infinity room and the tulip. You can see the pictures here.

2nd Monday – today was a public holiday because of actual holiday that falls on Sunday. So, lilo dad and I took lilo to Hort Park where he had fun chasing puppies and had brunch at a small but decent cafe in Pasir Panjang (On the table). Lilo had his first babyccino there.

2nd Tuesday – I ate at the Riverside grilled fish with my sister. At first we wanted to try the fish but I was intimidated by the size of it and since there were only two of us I decided not to order the fish and order the other items they have in the menu. I love chilled noodles so I ordered the chilled noodle with szechuan chicken on. This is super tasty. Love it so much. The chicken is tender and the sauce is not overpowering, it’s neither too salty or too spicy, it has a hint of sweetness.

2nd Wednesday – I couldn’t get a reservation at Restaurant Andre but I managed to eat at another one michelin star restaurant, The corner house. You can see my review here

2nd Thursday – I went to eat at Non entree dessert place. The place is not very accessible but serves really unique dessert. It’s not mind blowingly tasty but it’s definitly mind blowingly beautiful.

2nd Friday – Tomi sushi again because I really really like the melt in the mouth tuna. They no longer have the 50% off tuna promotion but they offered a special pirce for their A4 grade wagyu beef, so I tried that. It was just so so.

Weekend – dreading the fact that I need to go back to work on Monday. But I managed to drop lilo off at my in laws place and watched Wonder Woman with lilo dad 🙂

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