Lilo attends a 1.5 hour session every week and the session always follows the same format in that it always covers several categories / abilities in the same order, but the activity under each category usually has different content each time.

The order goes like this for the 6 months to 2 year old class:

  1. Introduction to date & weather concept – the teacher will introduce today’s day and date and ask what is the weather like today whether it is sunny, cloudy, or rainy.
  2. Form an energy ball – form an imaginary energy ball to build energy & enthusiasm before starting class.
  3. Strengthen bond between parent & child – I hug lilo and tell lilo that I love him.
  4. Introduction to Japanese hiragana song – a catchy song about the japanese kana (alphabet) and animals.
  5. Training of intuition:
    • I am asked to choose between 2 images and to send the chosen image through telepathy to lilo; lilo is asked to choose which of the 2 images is selected by me;
    • lilo is asked to touch a card with a certain image; the card is then placed faced down along with another card, which looks the same face down; lilo is asked to choose which one is the card he touched earlier.
  6. Photographic memory – The teacher will first show a picture for a few second. After that lilo is asked to choose which one among two similar pictures is the one that was shown earlier. It’s no joke, the similarity is very tricky to discern even I get it wrong sometimes!
  7. Linking memory – 6 images are shown in sequence, lilo is then asked to recreate the same sequence, after that the cards are put face down and lilo is asked to find which card contains the image the teacher is showing on her hand.
  8. Eyesight training – the teacher holds an object and move it around, lilo follows the object with his eyes.
  9. Foreign Language abilities:
    • lilo is shown a short skit using picture cards and recorded conversation in english, the same skit is then repeated but using a foreign language e.g. spanish, german, japanese.
    • lilo is shown a video of series of images along with their corresponding word in a foreign language
  10. Introduction to basic concept:
    • matching shapes to pictures
    • introduction to clothes types
    • things that belong in the kitchen
    • counting – addition by one
    • differences between top and bottom
    • etc.
  11. Breathing skills – the child is asked to blow on an object to make the object move.
  12. Motoric skills – the child is asked to use his / her hand to move objects from one place to another.
  13. Vocabulary building:
    • Flashcards
    • Shichida musical theatre – lilo is shown a series of cards with images; the teacher flips the card one by one while the song explains what each image is about.

While looking for materials online to train lilo at home, I find that the material available is mostly for vocabulary building i.e flashcards but I think practicing the other aspects is really important too, so I decided to make my own material. Check out my shop for Shichida activity material to train your child in the other areas above.

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