Does Shichida really work? That’s what was in my mind when my husband first suggested to get our 14 months old baby to follow the Shichida program. I was a bit reluctant to enroll lilo because I think he is still so small and he needs to enjoy his childhood instead of being forced to learn. However lilo dad was really sold on the testimonial of his boss who had started his daughter on Shichida since she was 6 months old (after following the Shichida program for 5 months the 11 month old can now identify different animals and make the respective animals sounds). We think it was pretty amazing since even our 14 months couldn’t do that.

I was worried that lilo cannot follow the 1.5 hour lesson as he’s easily bored and seldom sit still. However I was surprised that he actually follow the class well. He’s interested in the different songs played during the class and the many hands-on activities. Every time a new activity pack is handed over to him he gets excited to do the activities.

Now after 2 months of lessons lilo surprised me in Shichida class last week when he was able to recognize the Star shape. When he saw the star shape cut out, he looked at me and gave me a hand signal that I always use when I sing Twinkle Twinkle little star to him. Also the following day when we went to the museum he happened to see a bunny picture and immediately he started hopping without cue (he usually hops when I sing him the bunny song)

It’s difficult to single out whether any new knowledge lilo make is really attributed to Shichida when he also goes to infant care and watches kids songs on YouTube. I can’t really tell where he learnt a specific thing from. However I can tell that the lessons really develop his sense of curiosity in learning through songs and through play like activities.

If you’d like to know in detail what are the in-class activities for 6 months to 2 year old you can check my post about the Shichida class routine.


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